Today I chat with Dan from a small village near London. We chat food, work, travel and growing up in the UK. Dan has an upper class feel to him so I t...View Details

This week I'm delaying the start of my British theme by discussing the top 10 questions asked of travellers on Google as found on my Google search of ...View Details

Today I spend a day in the often forgotten Japanese City of Fukuoka. I walk around the docklands mostly and share my thoughts about my surroundings, a...View Details

Today I chat with Yadan Sun again from China. She featured on the episode titled 'On China' which was an episode about China itself rather than a trad...View Details

This is the jam session where Yulia from the last episode and I rock out with the violin and a table and try to figure out the song she will use to se...View Details

This episode has me both interviewing and jamming with a Russian super-violinist with many years of study and experience. Yulia is looking to create a...View Details

Today I speak with Ji (Fnu Agari) from Mongolia. Ji was raised on his family farm, one of the many farms around the country entrusted to it's citizens...View Details

Today I chat with Naomi from the UK. We talk about her life and growing up in the UK and what it means to be British. We also chat about her impressio...View Details

Today I chat with Li Jie who goes by Jane in English. We discuss China and its checkered past, her own career, her future and what her parents expect ...View Details

Today I discuss China with Feifeng Liu, a citizen of Chinas large cities and Yadan San from a small Chinese village. We talk the good and the bad rang...View Details

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